Peter: First Pope or Humble Fisherman?

When you think of the Apostle Simon Peter, what comes to mind? 

If anything does, it’s probably the story of him slicing off the ear of a soldier coming to arrest Jesus. Or maybe you remember the story of Peter being brave enough to try walking on water with Jesus until he started doubting (and sinking!). Or do you, like many Christians in the world, think of him as the first Pope for the Roman Catholic Church? 

Whatever you think, you can know that in Peter, we definitely have someone who knew Jesus. He was definitively a close friend and follower, and became an authoritative voice in the Christian movement. 

But as an authority, history tells us that his own journey reflected the authority-reversal inherent to Jesus’ message. His greatness would be not in being served, but in serving. Thus, history’s images of earthly grandeur that might have arisen around his name qualify as… well, let’s call them “fake news”.