City Life Church is your safe place to explore the Christian Faith. Whether you are reconnecting with God or feeling a spiritual stirring for the first time, we invite you to take all the time you need to absorb the message of God’s grace from the Scriptures. Our worship services are designed to give you a full and balanced diet of Christian teachings, but also the space you need to be in process with the rich claims those teachings make on your life and our world.

The women and men of our Leadership Team are eyeing a 5-year vision of becoming a more and more inclusive and diverse community. This has and will continue to bring us to many hard conversations and decisions. We invite your input, questions, and participation in being spiritually formed with us. We recognize our need to listen to and learn from all of our neighbors from many cultural backgrounds, in order to be a true expression of God's beautifully inclusive family. This is part of our commitment to seeking God's justice by walking in solidarity with oppressed people near and far.

City Life began in Marc and Lisa Holland's living room in 2005, and launched Sunday worship services as a new church start of the Christian Reformed Church in 2007. During the next eighteen years,  City Life became a space where people  with different beliefs were welcomed. Meanwhile, City Life's own teachings and beliefs flow out of the Christian scriptures, and the three creeds adopted by the worldwide church centuries ago: the Apostles' Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed. (Read more...) In 2022, Pastor Marc retired from pastoral ministry. God  provided for our community during this season of transition, through 2023 with interim pastoral care and thoughtful servant leadership.

Pastor Mark Allen has come on board in 2024 to lead our community into our next chapter of ministry. We look forward to deepening our knowledge of Scripture as we learn from his decades of Biblical education and scholarship. Mark and his wife Vanessa already feel like  City Life family members - a blessing to them as the put down new roots in Sacramento and a great encouragement to our members. God's provision has given us a sense of renewed hope as we cast vision for our future together.

Leadership Team

Nathan Stuckey (Elder)
Zack Thompson (Deacon)
Lori Roos (Deacon)
Star Costello (Elder)

City Life Staff

Mark Allen

Lead Pastor

Rebecca Frazee

Natasha Thompson

Communications Director

Chris Fischer

City LifeLeadership Team

Lori Roos 


Zack Thompson


Star Costello