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We are excited to help children and their parents grow in knowing God’s love and grace. Our philosophy is to develop relationships between children, the City Life community, and the story of God’s grace. Our lessons emphasize children’s creative participation in the stories of the Bible. Utilizing art, story telling, physical activity, singing, and, of course, fun, we help our kids understand God’s love while experiencing loving community.

Children up to 5th grade begin at Sol Collective and sit together with their teacher or families for the singing and liturgy time. During the greeting time they head next door to Capsity for class. Then, they return to Sol Collective for Communion (The Lord's Supper) at the close of service.  

  • Nursery: 0 to 24 months old @ Capsity (Parent Co-Op system)
  • Littles/Middles: 24 months to 2nd graders @ Capsity.
  • Middles/Bigs: 3nd graders to 5th graders @ Capsity. 
    (This group is dismissed to Capsity for class the first two Sunday of the month, and attend the entire duration of service in Sol Collective the last two Sundays of the month).
  • Youth Group: Contact Stephanie at

Where? City Life's space is unique! Sol Collective (Worship) and Capsity (Children & Youth) are two store-front spaces side-by-side on 21st Street. City Kids opens for check-in at 10:15 AM and closes 15 minutes after the end of the service.

A few notes for parents: Our Child Safety Policy requires each child be checked in so that we can contact parents if they are needed during the service. At any point in the service you can come to Capsity to be available for your child’s needs and are welcome to stay as long as you like. You can help us by picking up your child in the first 10 minutes after the service. Our Nursery is a parent co-op system. If your family has kids in our children’s ministry, we’ll ask you to participate in the teaching or helping volunteer rotation (scheduled approximately once/quarter). A sub list is provided so you can get help if you can’t cover your date.