Currently Worshiping Outdoors



Sunday Worship Service
9:00 AM
1390 Florin Road
After 14 months of  worshiping and connecting online, City Life is currently worshiping outdoors.

9:00 AM
1390 Florin Road
Sacramento, CA 95822
Find the back of the parking lot and you’ll see our signs.

More details to keep in mind:
Shortened service that allows for plenty of time to catch up & reconnect with each other.
Bring your own seating and plan to sit and stand 6’ away from other households.
Parents & guardians are encouraged to bring children. There is plenty of room to explore if they need to move about during the service.
A video of the service will be uploaded by noon each Sunday for those who can’t make it.
Communion time will have the option to come forward to pick up a pre-packaged communion serving from the table, or stay seated with elements you bring yourself.
Those leading up front will be 20+ feet from seating areas and temporarily unmask for speaking and singing.

Guidelines for safely gathering in person:
Keep social distance (6 feet) between households.
Wear a mask.
Be considerate & gracious to others.

We want as many people as possible to feel able to safely join our outdoor worship. Our gathering may seem overly cautious to you or not cautious enough. We are inviting everyone to behave in the interest of others. Maybe you are annoyed by wearing a mask or by the risk of a toddler running into your bubble.  These struggles are real, and we each have the challenge of compassion and grace in how we respond to them.

The data suggests that transmission rates are very low (8.4 per 100k new cases) in  Sacramento and vaccinations are at 40+%. The CDC is relaxing mask guidelines for vaccinated individuals.  Research is showing you are safe if you follow any 2 out of these 3 conditions: outdoor, social distanced, and masked. Thus, we feel extremely confident that our outdoor worship plan is abundantly safe. We hope to see you Sunday!

Accessibility notes: Outdoor gathering meets in an area with short grass. There is a large gate entrance to the outdoor space with plenty of clearance (measurements TBD). Parking lot is paved and there is no curb from the parking lot to the outdoor space. There is a very slight incline at the entrance to the space. Large print worship guide available (no slideshow currently, all worship info in print). More accessibility info is forthcoming, but in the mean time, feel free to email at [email protected] with any questions.

"Swimming in the river of God's deep love for us is at the very heart of true spirituality."
-Peter Scazzero

City Life Church is your safe place to explore or embrace the Christian Faith. Whether you are reconnecting with God or feeling a spiritual stirring for the first time, welcome! Take your time with us. On Sundays and in our weekly groups, the rich narrative of God in the scriptures will be inviting you to explore faith or grow a deepening connection to God. 
Sunday Worship Service at 9:00 AM
1390 Florin Road
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