Participate to the degree that's authentic to your journey. If you're new, take your time and ask questions!
  • Start time is 10:15 AM.
  • Location: We have recently moved locations and are meeting weekly on Sunday mornings at Sierra 2 Center for the Arts! We'd love for you to join us! Contact [email protected]  with any other inquiries. 
  • A welcoming environment. Listen to a sermon or see a sample handout before hand.
  • Liturgy: an artful & historic format (see sample handout). The deep riches of Christianity greet you, to be explored or embraced.
  • Explanations that assume the different backgrounds of those who come.
  • Old songs and some new. We have a lot of fun resurrecting classic hymn texts with sweet new arrangements. 
  • A sermon that emphasizes God's grace, because that's the point. We assume you and your friends bring your doubts and smart questions, and we try to speak to those.
  • Weekly celebration of the Lord’s Supper (AKA “the Eucharist” or “communion”). It is not odd if you sit this out. No pressure to participate in a way that is not authentic to your journey. Gluten Free communion crackers are available for those who need them.