Hey Look Over There: Adopted

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Adopted: The Sacrament of Belonging in a Fractured World by Kelley Nikondeha (Eerdmans)

“Although she writes as the mother of adopted children (and an adoptee herself), Nikondeha’s book is not solely for readers with a direct connection to adoption. Rather, this is a book about belonging, about being a good neighbor — especially to those outside our immediate circles — and about a God who invites and gathers all into his family. Nikondeha deftly interweaves Scripture, theology, personal story, and the metaphor of adoption to create a beautifully written and compelling narrative. Adopted inspires us to consider not only the ways in which we are all part of a bigger family and a broader story, but also how we, too, can extend the invitation of belonging to others.”

— Michelle DeRusha, author of Spiritual Misfit: A Memoir of Uneasy Faith