Emotionally Healthy Spirituality: Limits and Slowing Down

Why is it so hard to slow down?

The world is filled with different cultures, tribes and traditions. The pace of life might be the rapid-speed 24-hour productivity of Tokyo or the hang-loose vibes of Maui. You might be wasting away again in margaritaville or on a highway to hell.

Wherever you are at any given moment there’s always a lot you “could” do. Whether it’s movie night or campfire time, Sunday brunch or porch-swing hour, humans everywhere will always be tempted to get a couple more things done. “I’ll join you next time. I’m buried right now and I gotta climb out!”

lot of people hit a wall this way. We crash into life’s embankment because we took that last turn a little too fast and lost control of the vehicle. If we skip downtime, ignore our body’s limits, keep ourselves artificially alert with coffee and the blue light of our screens . . .the crash will come.

We actually desperately need times labeled: “NOTHING IMPORTANT.” We need days when we are not needed. Slots on the calendar where we thoroughly commit to doing nothing and follow through with the same devotion given to the other important tasks in our life.