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Sunday at 10:00am

2574 21st Street
(at Sol Collective, just south of Broadway)

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City Life Community Pods

If you have found City Life Church to be a helpful place to explore the Christian faith, we encourage you to take advantage of our various Community Pods. Community Pods are our crucial venue for spiritual growth and service in City Life’s community. We have pods which meet at different times and each have unique emphases. For more information about these groups, contact us at We’d love to give you up-to-date information about the meeting times and locations, as well as a contact person for any group you might be interested in.

What is a Community Pod?

Community Pods (small groups) are our crucial venue for spiritual growth and service in City Life’s community. Groups rely heavily on scripture, prayer, and discussion, as people explore the ancient faith from their different vantage points. Although our groups assume your desire to grow spiritually, discussions will not assume that everyone is in “the same place,” but that some are coming with strong Christian belief while others are struggling to trust God, Jesus and the Bible at all. Pods are hospitable towards doubt and unbelief and therefore can be places to which you can invite your friends. Each Community Pod leader is supported by City Life’s pastors in cultivating this kind of healthy environment for your spiritual growth.

Sample Community Pod Discussion Guide.

Community Pods

Tuesday Pod in Upper Land Park, and other locations
Discussion based on current sermon series, and a monthly book study. Newcomers welcome.
Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm
Contact Lori for this week’s location and more details.

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